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CATS Academy India Pvt. Ltd. has conducted several Management Assessment Centres mapping the essential competencies of more than 800 corporate executives. We have successfully evaluated participants from Asst. Managers to Sr. Vice Presidents in Indian and Multi-National Companies across diverse industries by using the most appropriate and well suited assessment methodology.

Duration : We can map up to 4 competencies in one day and 8-10 competencies over two consecutive days

Our Approach :

  •   We create a group of around 15-20 participants that are to be

  •   Every participant undergoes various Tests, Group Discussion,
          Management Games, Interview, Psychometric Test,
          Personality Profiling, Case Study etc.

  •   Each competency is assessed through 3-4 different activities

  •   Various international and scientifically researched tools
         are used to assess the individual

  •   Every assessment centre is different and customized as per the
         hierarchy and client industry

Steps involved :

  •   Designing the assessment (Based on selected competencies)

  •   Conducting the assessment over 2 days per batch

  •   Preparing individual scorecards and Executive summary

  •   Sharing of the Executive Summary and Individual Reports

Key Deliverables:

The findings of the assessment are accurate and are shared with each individual through a one-on-one interaction. As a part of standard deliverable, each individual gets an ‘Individual Scorecard’ depicting rating against various competencies.

We also generate a powerful executive summary with our observations about the group and recommendations to management. This summary can help organizations to validate some of their decisions regarding the group as well as plan for future.

Assessment Centre helps the organization to get an overview of team preparedness for future challenges. It helps in identifying strengths and areas of improvement of the employees as well as evaluates their specific training needs.

Some of the competencies which are assessed during Management Assessment Centre:

  •   Strategic Thinking

  •   Decision Making

  •   Team Spirit

  •   Emotional Quotient

  •   Communication

  •   Leadership

  •   Proactiveness

  •   Negotiation

  •   Problem Solving

  •   Time Management

  •   Creative Thinking

  •   Intellectual Quotient

  •   People Orientation

  •   Result Orientation

Advantage CATS Academy :

  •   CATS Academy India Pvt. Ltd has huge experience of successfully assessing more than 800 employees across diverse industries in South Asia

  •   We design each assessment centre by choosing the most appropriate and proven methodologies, tools and use only licensed products when

  •   We have a pool of senior assessors from diverse backgrounds and geographies

  •   We claim accuracy of results well above 90%

  •   We co-create assessment centre by working closely with the client and customizing it to the specific needs

  •   We are known for our business ethics and value based business approach

  •   We make no compromise on quality

  •   The assessments are done in most professional manner; we have achieved average rating of 4.5 on a scale of 1-5 for all assessments
          conducted till date

  •   Our management assessment centre not only maps accurately the chosen competencies but also provides a powerful platform for
          self-introspection and team building